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Photo: STR Meteor leaving the Haileybury Warf



To date over 300 hundred individuals have indicated their support of the Ottawa River Heritage Designation Project. Municipalities from both sides of the waterway are participating as well as Aboriginal communities, cultural groups, scientists, historians, archaeologists, tourism agencies, economic development offices, local residents and visitors.

Press Releases

2006/11 – Our Heritage in Print: Renowned Artist Captures the Majestic Ottawa River

2006/05 – Ottawa River Nomination Presented to Canadian Heritage Rivers
Board of Directors (32 Kb PDF)

2006/03 – Mr. Len Hopkins, Co-Chair representing the Province of Ontario, welcomes Honorary Chair Elder William Commanda.

2005/06 – Mr. Len Hopkins, Chair Ontario Executive Committee, Ottawa River Heritage Designation Project, presents Amberly Hein and Frank Lavalley of Pikwàkanagàn with a framed poster.

2004/10 – Renfrew County CFDC and Ottawa River Tourism Project Benefit from Government of Canada Investment (17 Kb PDF)

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