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The Ottawa River Heritage Designation Project

The Canadian Heritage Rivers System is Canada's national river conservation program. It promotes, protects and enhances Canada's river heritage and ensures that Canada's leading rivers are managed in a sustainable manner. Co-operation and public support are the strengths it builds upon.

Becoming a Canadian Heritage River is a two-step process — nomination and designation. Each step demands extensive public involvement and local community support. Designation also involves monitoring the state of the river on an ongoing and active basis.

The Ottawa River Heritage Designation Committee is guiding the communities along the Ottawa River on a journey of discovery as it compiles information on the natural, cultural and recreational values of this famous watershed.

Community Benefits of Designation
- clean environment for raising children
- healthy ecosystems rich in wildlife
- communities rich in cultural heritage
- preservation of heritage sites
- great outdoor recreation opportunties
- prime areas for ecotourism
- increased business opportunities
- enhance sense of community pride
- ideal retirement communites

River Benefits of Designation
- coordinated river management
- increased environmental protection
- water quality improvement
- focus on government programs




Ottawa river heritage series
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